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Hi Awesome Human,

I’m Ankit the chief writer and a growth marketer here at Growthfyi and I’ll tell you today everything about this publication.

Also do remember, its Growth-FYI, not Growth-IFY so please don’t confuse.

Growth-FYI: Growth For Your Information.

Why Subscribe?

Well, I don’t see any reason to not subscribe. At Growthfyi you get awesome organic startup growth stories for free (some are paid though), apart from great stories I’ll try to add some mesmerizing visuals. The key idea behind Growthfyi is to tell you what these startup unicorns did right so that you could learn from it. Sometimes you might also find cool tips & guides on growth hacking too.

Also, Growthfyi is meant to be easy on the brain, and you’ll be reading these growth stories in the simplest form.

How regularly will we spam you?

Well, that’s tricky, I’ll say zero but if you ask about the mail rate, then it would be One mail/week and an additional monthly summary of our post and startup growth news.

So, in total, you would receive 5 emails/month alternatively, you can snooze our weekly mail through the dashboard. If you feel nice about this and still haven’t subscribed, then please do.

Also, if the email isn’t what you prefer, then we are available on WhatsApp too. Adding us on Twitter would also be useful.

Who should subscribe?

All of you, even the aliens, are welcome to join.

Though all of you are welcome to be, this publication is more beneficial to certain people of a particular domain.

Who should absolutely subscribe?

  • Product Owner

  • Growth Hacker

  • Bootstrapper

  • Startup Founder

  • Indie Hacker

Also, if you think you will be any of these in the upcoming future, the Growthfyi might be knowledge heaven for you.

Who would be writing here?

Currently, I’m (Ankit Ghosh) the only person who would be writing this. I’m a startup enthusiast and developer turned into a marketer/writer. Hope you’ll be love it.

Apart from all these, if you think you know someone who might be interested in what we write, then do the link with them. It’s free to share.

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